Start Me Up

I think by now most people know the benefits of strength training (increased metabolism, heart health, improved bone density, benefits for the brain – just to name a few) Thankfully women are starting to realize that they won’t look like a man if they pick up the dumbbells.

I’ve had about a dozen people ask how to get started with weight lifting. I am fortunate that my husband is certified to be a personal trainer and spent hours with me teaching me proper form and how to use weight room machines. The weight room can be an intimidating place between grunting meat heads, learning gym etiquette, and the endless amounts of machines. Plus, no one wants to be this person:

It’s extra intimidating when you don’t have a plan. I always am following a program; even if I don’t have a goal I’m working toward. I’m not going to have an effective workout if I just show up and wander around the weight room.  I can’t recommend Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Trainer enough.

  • It’s completely free
  • It has links to show proper form for every exercise
  • Meal plans that change every four weeks
  • The best feature might be that you don’t have to do any cardio for the first phase!
  • It really helped me understand how to structure working different muscle groups and I built a lot of lean muscle from this program.

If you aren’t ready to make the step into a program, group strength training classes are a good baby step. Group pump classes are what first got me interested and finally changed my mindset that I wouldn’t bulk up from lifting.


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