Chicken Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

I’m not a salad person with the exception of this one.  I requested this be a side at our wedding and I eat this salad so often I wonder if I could pass a drug test with my high level of poppy seed consumption. I got really excited when I saw that Red Robin had a seasonal strawberry spinach salad last summer and then found out it had 600 calories. Personally, I’d rather just eat a burger and bottomless fries for that amount. Luckily, it was super easy to make a healthy version at home. The dressing is super good and it won’t end up expiring in the back of your fridge like all the others you buy with good intentions (let’s be honest).


The dressing recipe makes enough for 5-6 salads, it keeps well bottled in the fridge.

For the salad:

  • 2 Cups of Baby Spinach
  • 5 Strawberries, Sliced
  • 4 oz Grilled Chicken Breast
  • 2 Tbs Toasted Almond Slices
  • Optional additions: Blueberries, Sliced Red Onions, Arugula, Feta Cheese


Mix together:

  • 1 tsp Poppy Seeds
  • Juice of one Lemon
  • 3 tsp Olive Oil
  • 5 Tbs White Wine Vinegar
  • 2-3 Tbs of Stevia to taste

Nutrition Stats: (for salad with 1 serving of poppy seed dressing)

Cals: 228

Protein: 28 grams

Carbs: 14 grams

Fat: 10 grams

Sugar: 4 grams

(Dressing adapted from Little B’s Healthy Habits)


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