Round 2: Cake Batter Oats & PB Lean

To continue from my previous post – I don’t have a recipe to share with the Cake Batter flavor of oats because honestly I couldn’t get enough of eating it as is with PB Lean on top for breakfast. I realized I was out this morning and I’m already planning my next order. (I’m thinking Red Velvet or Dulce de Leche flavors are next)

Initially, it took me probably an hour to choose which flavors I wanted but I settled on Cake Batter – specifically because I thought it would taste good with the Vanilla Frosting flavored PB Lean. I definitely recommend the Smash Blend on the oatmeal options; the texture is the best I’ve ever had.

The PB Lean is wonderful! If you don’t know what peanut flour is, its dehydrated peanut butter with 85% less calories from fat. You add water to turn the dehydrated peanut butter powder in to a low calorie, low fat, low sodium, gluten free substitute. While I had been using PB2 for years in baking and protein shakes, I didn’t like the taste of it as a peanut butter substitute by itself. I could eat spoonfuls of PB Lean. There are just as many options of flavors to customize for this product and you can even add nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

To make your own custom oatmeal – click here.

The Promo Code is still good! To save 15% of your order, enter Promo code: healthy15 when you check out.



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